Frequently Asked Questions

A Pre-Date Guide :

Cancellations: In the event of a cancellation that is made within 24 hours before our date, I request a 50% cancellation fee.  Cancellations made 48 hours prior to our meet will result in a 25% cancellation fee. Repeated last minute cancellations will sadly result in a cessation of any future dates. 

Etiquette: Boundary crossing, excessive drinking, and drug-use will result in a cessation of our date. Mind that no refunds will be granted.

If we are meeting in a private place, I ask that the donation be placed in an unsealed envelope in the restroom. For public meetings I ask that the envelope be placed in a gift bag or greeting card and presented to me without referring to it. Please do not try to hand me any donations directly or wait for me to inquire about it. Donations are non-negotiable. 


Photos: For privacy and safety reasons, the only photos that I am able to provide are available on my website and my social media. I am unable to send pictures of my face for the sake of my privacy and safety.

Screening: If this our first time meeting I do request some screening information. Please look under my contact page to see what is required. 

Hygiene: I always make sure to do my part, so please make sure to freshen up before our date. If I am hosting, I will have a mouthwash, fresh towels and a shower for your use.

Punctuality: I understand traffic or other circumstances can get in the way of you arriving on time. I do allow for a 10 minute grace period, but after that I am afraid that your arrival time will affect the length of our date.

Deposits: Deposits are up to my discretion. A 25% deposit is required for incalls and dates 3+ hours long. Deposits are required if you have previously cancelled an appointment. Payment method for deposits: Bitcoin, CashApp (only for established patrons) or a giftcard from my wishlist.

  • Duos: If you would like to book a duo with another provider please contact both of us. In the event that that our rates are different, I request that we both receive equal compensation. 

  • Non-Profit Donations: If you send proof of a $500 donation to any of the non-profits listed in my wishlist, I will show you my gratitude by spending an extra hour together on our next visit. This only applies for established clients and visits that are 90 minutes or longer. Offer doesn't apply to visits with discounted rates.

  • Do you have p411? Or any other verification sources?: Yes this is my p411 id: P323737. Verification photos can be found on my instagram stories.

Favorite restaurant in Houston & what to order:

La Griglia, Butternut Squash Ravioli

Top travel spot on my bucket list:


Ideal Superpower:

Ability to understand any language

The one thing I couldn't live without:

My pets!

A bit about me


"Have met Natalia numerous times. A+ every single time! Young, fun and genuinely excited about what she does. Strongly recommend. Don't miss out!"

"Natalia is a sensual, exciting and a beautiful young lady. She's open minded and knows how to have a good time."

" I reached out to her from Private Delights and emailed her. She was very prompt to my emails and text. I was booking 3 weeks in advance and changed dates on her several times. She is much more beautiful in person and I was awestruck when she showed up early at my hotel room. We had an amazing evening date and she made me feel much younger in her presence. She is smart intelligent and a great conversationalist. We had a nice Italian dinner and wine.  She made me forget that I met her for the first time. Has a great attitude and our session was awesome. Genuinely works hard to please you. Very skilled. Highly recommended and would give her more than 5+ stars if I could. Austin folks keep her happy. I plan to spend time with her on every visit to Austin in future"

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